Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Horn of Plenty

I am preparing for my next Holiday Card class (September17 2014)

The Cornucopia, the Horn of Plenty.
The woven cone shape with fruit and vegetables spilling out of it.

It is full and thus over flowing with the harvest.
Full of colors and textures and shadows.

Drawing is of course important but THINKING of all the produce and items that could fill this Autumn scene is part of the FUN.

Yellow, yellow green, pale in value make up the base coat that unifies the composition.

Pale blue us used for the shading and cast shadow.

Begin the positive painting, all the local color. Keep the light source in mind as you paint.
Keeping the light source in mind as you work allows you to adjust the darks and lights of each color.

The darkest area is in the Horn of Plenty, where the light can not reach.
Add cast shadows from one object on another.

Try it will pencil, this doesn't have to be a painting.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Halloween in September

I am using the month of September to prepare for the upcoming holidays. Today was HALLOWEEN day!!!
Start with the drawing, add a DARK value for the sky and a light (watered down) value for the ground.
Shading, cast shadows and local color take the most time. Stars are lifted after the DARK sky is very dry.

Many of my students come in the week before a HOLIDAY and ask for a project that fits their needs...I am teaching them to work ahead and have fun doing it!!

FIRST, we brainstormed about trick or treaters that have knocked on our doors in the past.... ghosts, princesses, angels, devils, monsters , ballerinas, cowboys and cow girls.....and talked about what makes each one different....likes wings and shoes and crowns.

Most thought they wanted to do ghosts...thinking they would be the easiest.  I had several sketches for them to look at, encouraging them to push themselves a bit.

I am pleased with all the results and look forward to seeing more ideas when they return.

 Judybeth's scarecrow before she added the straw.

Mel's two Ghosts......lot's of personality here!!!!

Bruce's cowboy and ghost card.

Teri's demonstration.....dancer and ghost.

Jan's group of three!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Started my tulips!

Finally got a few minutes to start the tulips from my compositions.

None of these images are completed but I wanted to let you see what I have in mind for the tulips.

This image is a 5 x 7 from #5
 This is a 7 x 5 from #3
 This is a 3 x 2 note from #12
 This is an 11 x 9 from #7

More images will follow but I am headed home now.......let me know what you think!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tulips? in August?

I recently meant two new business owners and they have requested watercolors of tulips....in August.

I love painting flowers but I am seasonal...inspired by what is blooming in my life at the moment, but ....hey....they are wanting tulips...I can do this!!!

First I looked for photos in my computer stash and I found a few.  Tom suggested I google "tulips" but I like to work from my own photos. He said, "You'll find zillions of them there!!!!" I just glared at him for a few seconds and he walked away.

Second I opened the old shoe box marked FLOWERS and found several photos I had taken in past years. I really like the feel of photo references in my hands....and these dog eared 4 x 6's were inspiring to a point.....most I had already used over the years for lessons and paintings that had long since found a home on some one's wall.

Frustrated, I sat there at the drawing table for a few more minutes, and thought....what would I tell my students to do?  I realized that I knew evnough about tulips to design a few composition.

A few?  HA!!  I now have 13compositions I like and may paint every one of the ideas!

 Which one do you like????  
I will tell you my favorites later and post paintings!!!




Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Clear as mud, I mean glass!!!!

I  taught one of my favorite lessons today to my watercolor students, showing transparent, clear glass. No one really wants a painting of a little glass jar with a pencil sticking out of it but it's a great teaching/learning exercise and it went well for all. I hope they all go home and try it again.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fat Quarter Fairies

I have been busy working on many projects that were surprises for clients and friends making it impossible to post the images. All gifts and surprises have taken place so I am going to share!

As a quilter, I had to learn terms that we new to me ... I had never heard of a FAT QUARTER but as I became fascinated with piecing and designing with fabric the term rolled freely off my tongue. Shopping for yardage and notions are addictive and picking up a fat quarter or two is like adding a little gem to my stash.

But, of course, I can not give up my drawing and painting so the creation of the Fat Quarter Fairies came easily to me in the studio, first as gifts for friends and then as note cards for others to enjoy!

Each FQ Fairy is small in size and sits on a stack of fat quarter fabrics tied in a neat bundle. She is dressed in fabric that is fluffy and frilly, always wears stripped leggins and so far, they are all so full of love that their bust sizes are large, even for a little creature.

I hope you like the look of the FQ Fairies.....

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring Flowers

Hello everyone!!! Been away too long from the blog. Here's what I was up to this Saturday....fun time with students and my favorite subject!!!!

We worked on keeping the image light and delicate.....fresh like spring.

Helpful Pet - what is your's up to?

Helpful Pet - what is your's up to?

Mixed Media Class

Mixed Media Class
Fun and projects!

Mixed Media Class

Mixed Media Class

Mixed Media Class

Mixed Media Class

Mixed Media Class

Mixed Media Class

Poppies ....

Poppies ....
ready for their new home!

Ta Da .....

Ta Da .....
this little gem is ready for blog preview and Etsy post tomorrow!

Ta - da!!!!

Ta - da!!!!
I can now walk away from the Easter Pear!!!

Easter Pear?

Easter Pear?
I like pears better than eggs!!!

Easter Pear Step 1

Easter Pear Step 1
Step 1 - I thought this would be enough ... silly me!

Easter Pear Step 2

Easter Pear Step 2
Step 2 - I wanted to add a bit of EGG Whimsy.

Easter Pear Step 3

Easter Pear      Step 3
Step 3 - It wouldn't be mine if there weren't any cast shadows.

Easter Pear Step 4

Easter Pear Step 4
Step 4 - And I love a good implied table line ... don't you??

Easter Pear Step 5

Easter Pear Step 5
Step 5 - Oh, better kick up the value a bit!

Easter Pear Step 6

Easter Pear Step 6
Step 6 - The background could use a value shift.

Easter Pear Step 7

Easter Pear Step 7
Step 7 - Add, of course we need a bit of implied texture!